Security in Numbers

Life cannot be compartmentalized

Nor can one label and box it

But if I have to count in numbers…

One love to take care of my heart

Two kids, such a blessing

My bloodline, three siblings

Four tenets to live by an enriched life

Five books to nourish my mind

Six songs to keep my soul humming

Seven, my lucky number always

And eight…wait!

Even if I count on all my fingers

I have more friends I can swear by

Sorry folks, I had to jump from seven to double digits

For my friends double my joy of living

And make this life so complete.

Day 29: By the numbers


32 thoughts on “Security in Numbers

  1. so nice to have friends you need more fingers to count on, only a really good poet can craft such amazing lines and keep me happy and smiling till the end, so very clever of you

    Liked by 1 person

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