Urban dreams

In an eight by eight room

on the top floor

of an unauthorized dwelling

under the blazing hot tin roof

he sits on a rickety bed

peeping out of the window

the table fan in a corner

whirrs pathetically in slow motion

he does not feel the rivulets of sweat

pouring down his back

and soaking his threadbare polyester shirt,

nor the blistering heat of the sun

all he can hear is the hustle and the bustle in the streets

the city of his dreams throbbing palpably

serenading him with its cacophony

mesmerizing him with its sights and sounds

he breathes deeply the foul air

feeling alive like never before

it is no surprise

he will not exchange this for anything

this city promises what his village couldn’t provide.

(Every minute around 30 people migrate to cities in India)

63 thoughts on “Urban dreams

    1. Thank you so much, Marieke, for reading. I will try to answer your queries. Financially it is better because they do find some kind of employment in the cities. But it is a hard life. Most of them live on the periphery with no basic amenities and stay away from their families. Some are able to improve their life others take to petty crime. Our government is not doing enough to sustain their lives in villages.

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  1. i taste your words today, the hardship endured for a better future, even in the smallest space, hope lives – this was strong and vivid Punam, put me in the room and under his skin

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  2. well written and an interesting topic. with all governments resorting to socialistic schemes this migration may get curtailed to an extent, if only because of the unambitious who will be happy with the meagre goodies doled out.

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    1. I doubt it will! Cheap phones and free data has opened up a new world for them. Socialist schemes won’t help much. As you said, only the unambitious will stay put. With more than half our population under 35, we need to bring our villages on par with the amenities available in the cities. Sadly, I don’t see that happening in my life time. Thanks a lot ESP.

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      1. you underestimate the number of the unambitious, the lazy, the free data consumers . But you are right, the villages need to transform, and they are at their pace. Rural spending for example has been on the rise for some time, if you go with fmcg data.

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      2. Maybe I do…I agree there are many who just want freebies. Rural spending has gone up because of the money earned in the cities and sent back home.
        Morning economics lesson, eh? πŸ˜€


      1. The sad reality for so many is just … brutal. I don’t understand how things could ever have become so unfair. And it makes one feel small and futile when you think about the extent and vastness of the world’s problems. Like there is no solution and that we have such little power as individuals. Sending love to your kind and clever soul Punam ❀️❀️

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      2. It is brutal and numbing, Rachel. We were a poor nation when we got independence…lack of literacy, poverty, population explosion, corruption, apathy…the list of harsh realities that exacerbated the problem, is endless.
        We cannot do much as individuals, though one does keep on trying. Thanks for your love, dear. ❀️❀️

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  3. This one is brilliant at so many places but my fav would be

    ‘he breathes deeply the foul air
    feeling alive like never before’

    Reading this made me sad,very very sad.
    It is poignantly beautiful ❀️

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