Sometimes we have to

chase away the demons

reclaim our sacred space

dig in deep with the paddles

of self-belief and what is right

in the murky waters

and shun the ludicrous thought

of quitting, but then

to keep on battling forever

at the cost of a bleeding heart and

shattered peace of mind

may be even more ludicrous…

53 thoughts on “Ludicrous

  1. …sometimes we lose faith in and respect for people who continue to soil the sacredness of our sanctuaries… eventually we have to pull away… and yes, it becomes ludicrous to keep fighting when it will only consume us… some forces are unstoppable… this, i resonate with

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  2. It is such a fine line sometimes between battling through and saying actually, enough is enough. We all have to do what is right…I have to say, I hope you are not about to declare your leave from WordPress, I couldn’t take another goodbye right now!! 😒.

    This is so beautifully and thoughtfully written Punam. So much substance and relevance ❀️❀️

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    1. No Rachel, I am not leaving. Yes, I know it is a sad day and perhaps my words echo that. Everyone does what is right for him or her.
      Thank you so much for your kind appreciation. ❀️❀️

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  3. great use of the prompts but we must never quit, discerning our battles helps but this is a huge reason why I suggest we work on ourselves first so that we can help others more skilfully!

    Who is leaving WP and why … did I miss something?

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  4. we keep repeating the same mistakes and we are intelligent beings, why…ludicrous indeed! reminds me of the saying, we are a fool for love – really good poem Punam

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