The substitute

The secret pockets

I had filled with cherished memories

the sum total of priceless moments

still hold my precious treasure

that salty kiss as we watched the sun come up

the movie stub when we first held hands

the single rose that you gave me the first time

I sit under the star flecked sky and

feeling the salt on my lips

let these memories embrace me warmly

(keeping the rest undisturbed for another time)

they cannot double up for you

but are a good enough substitute.

38 thoughts on “The substitute

  1. When we miss someone so much, those substitutes are most important. The image of you enjoying a few while keeping the others undisturbed, is so beautiful, Punam. ❤

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      1. Only one in your shoes can truly understand… you are kindly welcome, Punam 🙂 ❤

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  2. What a romantic and beautiful image you describe here Punam, and so filled with longing. These treasures we can hold that transport us into the arms of someone we miss so dearly… gorgeous, and heartbreaking. The weeks must be feeling very long at the moment ❤️❤️

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