Mission possible

Today, I challenge you to write a poem that uses the form of a list to defamiliarize the mundane.

( My feeble attempt at ostranenie)

Mission possible

She embarks on another quest

armed with suitable weaponry

she makes sure nothing is missing

from her cleaning arsenal

she espies a gossamer Eiffel tower

hanging upside down from the ceiling corner

she knows the spider lies in wait

to catch innocent passersby

she wields her spear with dexterity

destroying it in one fatal blow

she then decides to go down

in the dungeons under the bed

to smoke all dust monsters out

she swipes accurately with her mighty broom

and they all fall in abject surrender

she knows its time to ferry

her fail proof weapon of last resort

it may not be in its prime

but works like a dream

she revs up the machine and lets it loose

the dust eating dragon

goes from room to room

leaving not a sign of the battle

which was valiantly fought

she puts away used ammunition

and drops on the couch

all tired and spent but beaming

at another battle with dust finally won.

31 thoughts on “Mission possible

  1. love these comments above, claiming due glory!
    As I am highly allergic to domestic duties maybe I should view it more as a battlefield, not usually into violence but I totally relate to this πŸ™‚

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  2. Besides the brilliant ingenuity of this post, I am also impressed by the concept of ostranenie, something which I wasnt familiar with till now. With modern technology overwhelming us with accessibility, almost everyone knows everything or is one click away from perception. Defamiliarization is a much needed device for us to pause, take a step back and reinvent the beauty not just in art but also in the mundane, in our lives.

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    1. The prompt mentioned defamiliarization so I dug deep and tried to do justice to the prompt. I am truly humbled by all the kind words I have received including yours. Thank you so much ESP. 😊

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