People who get me hot under the collar

Today, I’d like to challenge you to write your own Sei Shonagon-style list of “things.” What things? Well, that’s for you to decide!

(My list is about people and not things)

People who get me hot under the collar

A random tally of grist

for this useful list;

smirking strangers,

rude co-passengers,

complainers and whiners

noisy diners,

all-knowing kids,

gun-toting kids,

religious fanatics,

cantankerous dyspeptics,

too politically correct people,

too easily swayed sheeple,

gender superiority,

male bashing sorority,

corrupt politicians fooling the masses,

power-hungry moneyed classes,

smug writers,

situation exploiters,

disdainful doctors,

self-important proctors,

constant pleaders

self-serving leaders,

but the one who tops the list

undoubtedly is, a rapist!


51 thoughts on “People who get me hot under the collar

      1. 😀unlike the other items in the list this one won’t make most people hot under the collar PS. here I joke assuming my lack of smugness

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      2. The smug ones dont assume, they simply know, as you said.
        Somehow I believe it would be impossible for a poet to be smug, poetry demands an air of indecisiveness, a disregard for knowledge as it is established in the world. As for fiction and non-fiction writers, smugness might make them appear confident, and their creation more lucid, though smugness invariably smudges art.

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