Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem of the possible. What does that mean? Write a poem that emphasizes the power of “if,” of the woulds and coulds and shoulds of the world.


It is natural to wish to soar and rise

I wonder if the wings I desire

will help me fly

or would they be too fragile

to carry the featherlight weight

of my gossamer dreams

dreams that want to roam
coast to coast

‘cos the venturesome heart

is exuberantly on the look out

for new horizons forever

to bring about the change it wants to see

never ready to give up or despair

twinkling stars a guiding constant.

31 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Ah, the nomadic, adventurous heart. I think it is something that resonates with many, many people. Great use of the prompt, Punam.

    Liked by 1 person

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