Sorting relationships

Sorting laundry mechanically

I separate coloured and whites

making a pile of those that need mending

and without a thought

discard my favourite shirt

as the collar is frayed

if only I could get rid

of frayed relationships as easily

I know it may be difficult to condone

but please don’t censure my actions.

(I am away from home attending a wedding in the family. It is easier to find time to post but reading takes time. So, please bear with me for a couple of days. I promise to catch up. And if you skip reading my posts, I would totally understand. πŸ™)

30 thoughts on “Sorting relationships

  1. hope you enjoyed the festivities and time away, know we are always here, real life takes place but once, so grab the opportunities that come. i wish i could discard relationships the same way you have expressed but don’t seem to know how, though I have seen how easy it is to be discarded…LOL! have a wonderful weekend my friend

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    1. I so enjoyed the festivities, Gina. Thank you so much, my dear. Yes, it is not easy to discard relationships but for one’s own well-being it is important to stay away from such. Thanks always.

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