58 thoughts on “The little thief

  1. Ha, a six month old thief. How appropriate they can steal our love in a heartbeat.

    First let me apologize for my super late response to your comments on my blog. I made the error of trying to blog while on the tropical island where there is a serious problem of 24 hour electricity. (It just doesn’t happen). When I return to New York, between my hectic life and a weeklong flu, I have fallen further and further behind.

    I will reply to all of your lovely comment. They are always thoughful and well expressed.
    I appreciate you for that.

    Now, I will catch up with your blog, which is always filled with inspiration and beauty.

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    1. He sure is adorable, Andrew!
      It is nice to see you here. Please don’t apologise. I thought like last time, all my comments had landed in the bottomless spam pit! Lol
      No worries. Take your time. Even if you can’t find time to respond to my comments or read my blog posts it is fine.
      Your humility is very touching and I am honoured by your kind words.

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      1. Yes Punam, that’s why childhood is the cutest phase of life, none of us are that cute, that we were in our childhood.. no..?? Know why..?? Because they aren’t aware of their cuteness, we have no expectations from them, nor they have any demands other than our love.. simple..!!! Loved your post, by raising this point you gave me something so profound to ponder.. πŸ˜‡πŸ’•

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