It is one of those long days
when everything seems to pass in a haze

Yet I can hear the footsteps of mind
though it seems to find itself in a bind

As if it is in some kind of a daze
unable to find plausible, ways

To think clearly and move ahead
no enjoyment, only dread

No will to read or post but to laze
and turn inwards its critical gaze.

51 thoughts on “Befuddled

  1. looking inwards can be one of our best inspirations, a time to gather, may your time be fruitful and you find that inner voice that wants to speak, thinking of you and wishing you peace my friend

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  2. I would contend that introspection is not laziness! Just because the body is at rest doesn’t mean that the mind isn’t hard at work. That’s why we have nap time!! πŸ˜‰

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