A phone call yesterday

turned on the tap of past

and a jet of sodden memories

spurted all over me

drenching me with guilt and remorse

I had pushed some down

in the crawlspace,

buried a few, six feet down

and given watery burial to the rest

and now these corpse like remnants

of past have not let me sleep

haunting and taunting me

I try hard to coax them

and plead with them

if they were teachable

I would have taught them

the disappearing trick

alas! it is not so

so I am trying to

reconcile and realign

and since I am allergic to musty smells

tomorrow I will air them

and then try to make peace with them

for they are adamant

they are here to stay.

42 thoughts on “Past

  1. some feelings need airing out, writing is a way is it not, to get the mustiness out. hoping tomorrow you wake up to dry and pretty skies, let these thoughts sink right to the bottom or be flushed away. even at your lowest you uplift others with your wonderful writing. you compose this with elegance

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    1. It sure is Gina! Writing is definitely a cure-all. Ah! you are so generous with your praise and such kind words…I can already see these thoughts slink away! Thanks a lot, my dear. ❤️

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  2. Drenched with guilt and remorse – a jet of memories from a phone call, remnants of the past that won’t wash away cleanly. I crown you a goddess of relatable metaphors. The flow from you and hopefully cleanse you from these soggy dampened feelings. ❤️

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    1. Aww! Please don’t crown me! 🙈 You know uneasy lies the head…and all that! 😅
      Warm words from well-wishers are enough to shoo away sodden memories. Thank you so much, my dear. Your presence here means a lot. ❤️❤️

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  3. Ah, such a pain when those buried memories and emotions come rising. This is a re minder that somethings need to be dealt with and that burying them doesn’t always work. So well penned, my friend.

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