The half empty bottle of vitriol

that you left on my shelf

when you left

I take a sip from it everyday

the days, as a result, become palatable

but the nights need

something stronger

so I drink a cocktail of vitriol and torment

sometimes I add a dash of despair

and always garnish it with pity

but sadly it is still not potent enough

to knock me out

the hangover leaves me

crying out your name in anguish.

71 thoughts on “Hangover

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I found this poem today written by my lovely friend Punam. I found it so powerful, and so insightful, so I am Reblogging it. Please if you want to β€œLike” it go to her site to β€œlike”. She deserves it. Thankyou Lunam for this striking poem ❀️

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      1. sounds amazing! make those verses pretty in pink sprinkles please, i will be your best customer!! oh and you remembered snow! lovely!! you are the best Punam! really the best

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  2. Love it! It could be the afterword of a story i posted yesterday – the two things just speak to each other. The Little Red Ridinghood Revisited.

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  3. The cocktail of the spurned lover? So delectably concocted that one doesn’t care about the forewarning of the hangover and the sniveling anguish

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