One day

Who decides on division of land

on what basis is this division wrought

if religion leads us all to god

why do we kill on the basis of religion

how empty must the vessel be

which spews hatred left and right

who can be so blind as to consider

killing as a means to end all strife

if we continue in this manner

one day there will be no one to bail us out!


47 thoughts on “One day

  1. Oh, gosh, so many great questions. Personally I think those in power decide divisions of land (usually the victor of wars). god endorsed violence in the Old Testament and with the advent of Christianity there came the crusades. People do all kinds of despicable things in the name of their gods. Fundamentalists fill the heads of youth at an early age then recruit those willing to sacrifice themselves for some promise of glory. Such vessels are filled with hatred. I think god should have eradicated any race, cultural group, religious sect who thought themselves better than the rest, putting an end to hatred based on such things.

    I could go on but I won’t invade your space further.

    Such an aptly written piece in light of recent events in Christchurch.

    Well done, Punam.

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    1. I usually avoid posting on current events. But last month we lost 40 soldiers and now Christchurch and can’t understand how anyone can do this! I agree with you on all counts and wonder if there is a god. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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      1. I hear ya. I had a piece written but did not post it. I am glad you posted yours – it needed this space. I stopped wondering a long time ago. You are most welcome, Punam.

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      2. I have lots written and unpublished, too. I think that perhaps it’s often a result of societal pressures within family structures. Most of us are born into some religion and certain traditions get passed down. That has to affect us in some way. All I am sure of is that I am typing this now. Beyond that, I am not worried. πŸ™‚

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  2. a sad manifesto of life, where elimination seems to be the only solution, your words sting Punam , on the open wounds humanity struggles to find a mend for.

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    1. Yes, Gina. It is so sad to see what we have come to. These wounds fester for instead of providing healing touch we cause further damage. Thanks for reading, my dear.


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