I know what I had promised

and I try never to break it

but sometimes I am unable to keep my pledge

‘cos of circumstances beyond my control

I write everyday without fail

but have nothing to show sometimes

for the wifi often lets me down

and even when I delate, nothing comes of it

so this is just to remind you

you are always in my thoughts

I am surely keeping my word

but there are connection problems.

25 thoughts on “Connection

  1. The bane of modern technology. We become dependent on our wired and wireless connections to provide us with means to be ever ‘present’, however, one glitch and we find ourselves ‘isolated’. Fortunately, some of us understand this and are patient, like Spring, waiting for Winter to pack its bags and get the hell out 🙂 Excellent use of prompts, Punam, to make a relevant point 🙂

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  2. This reminded me opf my wifi problems during my vacation.

    I hope my comments didn’t annoy you or make you uncomfortable.
    Don’t want you to think I am a stalker.

    Have a gorgeous evening. It was great catching up with you.

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    1. Not at all, Andrew. I would never ever think that! I think I am a pretty good judge of people.
      As I said earlier, I am truly touched by your gesture. You too have a wonderful evening. Likewise it was fantastic to catch up. Bless you!

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