Unnecessary hype

I am drowning

in an avalanche of messages

everyone and their uncle

have woken to the fact

I am a woman!

Same old clichΓ©d euphemisms

bandied around today

to be forgotten tomorrow

media hype adding fuel

to this unnecessary fire

all I would like to do

is crack open a bottle

and order takeaway

so that I can binge watch tv

with not a care in the world

but I am sitting with my phone

thanking everyone sweetly

for you see I am a woman and

like a woman I should behave!!

39 thoughts on “Unnecessary hype

    1. Jim, it is wonderful living as a woman and I won’t have it any other way BUT I hate the idea of one day dedicated to woman as if we are some quaint, different species!
      Lol please don’t get any re-assignment surgery!

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  1. I show my appreciation to people as and when they deserve it, not on a designated day each year based on their gender, race, sexuality of whatever. I understand that some people do have extra hurdles to jump, but it’s patronising to suggest their achievements are extra special because they’re a woman or black. Society will only ever be equalised if we stop valuing achievements based on these irrelevant traits.

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  2. We should never need A DAY to celebrate anything for every day should be a celebration of who we are, regardless of gender, race, language, etc. Well-said, Punam!!!!

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