Love found in loveless matches

He found love

on the aisle marked

consumer durables

for marriage entailed

a host of electronic items,

household items as bridal gifts

(euphemism for dowry)

they started as strangers

who were given a licence

by the society

to become intimate

he had not expected

to be smitten

by this girl chosen by his parents.

In India arranged marriages are still the norm and people do find love in such matches.



People milling around

Voices chattering gaily

Happy, bright faces abound

I turn away warily

For the emptiness

gnawing at me

Has left a gaping hole

Where my heart was once


I try to cover it

with my torn soul.


She arrived at the glitzy event
Carrying her ritzy baggage
Trying to dazzle all and make a splash
She never ever travelled light
Towing the burden of her farcical existence
To every place that she ever went
Drawing her strength from name dropping
It mattered not
That she became isolated and all alone
She lived in the make believe
World of the brands she owned.