The pale light of the moon grew wan

As night drew closer to dawn

The wan light of the still sleepy sun

Merged with the moon’s, becoming one

Seldomly do they ever fight

Over who has the brighter light

Though poets do try to undermine

When to comparison they put their mind

Forgetting these two are

Two sides of the very same coin.


The intrepid slayer

The intrepid churner of bad verses

Was up to her wicked ways

With her quill clutched as a sword

She set out to clear the writing world

She was adept at slaying all the naysayers

Those who liked to put down others

Under the garb of giving advice,

Those with evil thoughts sprouting

Behind the fake smiles

One swish of her quaint quill

And all the evil ones turned into quivering masses

Vanquished they lay after reading her verses

Unable to terrorise other writers!

Gina, for you! 😃🤗


They stood amidst a sea of people

Acutely aware of each other’s presence

The garden themed party had a laidback feel

But under each other’s scrutiny they felt electrified

There was explicit emotion in his direct gaze

Her sideways glance indicated her tacit desire

It was as if no one else around existed

And their eyes tangoed with each other’s.

परछाइयाँ / Shadows

रात के झुटपुटे में

जब खाली सड़कें

नापते हैं ये कदम

तुम्हारी यादों की


मेरा पीछा करे।

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the twilight

when these feet

set out on

empty roads

the shadows of

your memories

follow me.

At the dentist’s

I say a silent prayer

and brace myself

The dentist pick the drill

and peers into my mouth

He shakes his head

and reminds me ominously

this is the last root canal

that can be done

and if I continue indulging in

a variety of sugary treats

I would soon be bidding goodbye

to all my teeth

in my humble opinion

the dentist frightens me too much

and soon enough there will be
an enamel guard

to put all dentists out of practice!