Gratitude Post

When the heart is too full it becomes contemplative. I have been reflecting on the writing process and its repercussions. Writing is a very solitary activity. But once it is finished, it is the readers who make it truly complete and interactive. Each written piece speaks in a different tongue to different readers. That is the beauty of the written word. We are all here because we seek validation, we want others to read us otherwise we would all have been content with filling our journals.
I started the blogging journey as a birthday gift to a childhood friend exactly three years ago. But it is in January last year that I started writing daily in response to the Daily Prompts. And that was the beginning of forming bonds with fellow bloggers.
I have learnt so much, I am in awe of so many of you and have formed such beautiful bonds but above all, I am so grateful to each one of you who visits, likes or comments on my blog. Believe me, I am touched beyond words that you find time to do so.
I try to visit as many blogs as possible but I am woefully behind at times. Please know that I love what you write and like to savour each piece of writing from poetry to fiction, from fun write-ups to thought-provoking ones, from music to photography and so on and though I may be late, I try not to miss.
Just wanted to thank each one of you for being kind, supportive, encouraging and generous. I am blessed to have you all in my life.


55 thoughts on “Gratitude Post

  1. Beautifully said, Punam. We are grateful to be able to share this space with you. Fortunately, many of us have wonderful lives outside this platform and so we make the most of the time we do get to spend here. I, for one, want to thank you for being such a great writer, friend and reader. Here’s to continuing the writing journey. ❀

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    1. Thank you so very much, Inky. Your presence here and your encouragement mean a lot. I am learning so much from excellent writers like you and feel honoured to count on you as a friend. Cheers! ❀️

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    1. My dear G please forgive me for somehow missing your comment. Your presence here means a lot to me. You are immensely talented and so inspiring. Thank you for being a friend and you are so welcome. πŸ’–πŸ’


  2. This is lovely ❀
    You are an amazing writer and it has been an absolute pleasure knowing you. You have been super supportive of my blog and I remember how you were the only one who did my 26 letters challenge! It was nice coming back on WP and reconnecting with you ❀ I hope you continue having the best time here πŸ™‚

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  3. Dear Punam, I am so grateful to have the pleasure of reading your wonderful writings every day. You are not only talented but sweet, kind and humorous and I am happy to know you through this wonderful platform β€οΈπŸ™‚πŸŒΉ

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  4. Punam – we are the ones blessed to be able to read your lovely words! Everything you have said here is true – it resonated with my heart. Writing becomes more beautiful and rich when shared with others. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

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  5. Punam you have such a good heart, such stunning talent and I am so blessed to be able to visit and read … know life must get busy with everything you do but please don’t stop posting ❀

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  6. You’ve expressed my own thoughts and sentiments beautifully through your touching words my dear. We all know it can be a challenge to keep up with all the amazing blogs that we grow so very fond of and build such wonderful relationships with each other. You are loved and appreciated my dear Punam and we know that the reality is that we each face so many other things to balance outside of our blogs and the touching friendships we’ve built here. Thank you for being here to share your amazing talents and wonderful heart hear my dear!πŸ€— πŸ’ž

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    1. You are so right, Jenna…it is a challenge to to keep up with blogs we so like and our life outside blogosphere does not give us much time to do justice to all. I am so happy to have forged so many lasting relationships here and you mean a lot to me. Thank you for your lovely words here, truly appreciated. πŸ€—πŸ’ž

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  7. oh this as your wonderful heart all over the page, thank you for being such an awesome human, i am so blessed to know you. you write with passion and sincerity, i m always in awe of your wisdom and honesty. you are a special person to me

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  8. I came to WP to save my poems but I ended up saving myself by meeting beautiful souls like you.You are a very talented writer and a beautiful person in and out.I am so glad to have met you here.Regarding reading the posts late then I can beat you in thatπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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    1. Oh, Yasmin! You have mirrored my thoughts. I started my blog as a safe deposit for my poems too! I feel truly blessed to have met you and I agree you give me tough competition in reading posts late 😜 but at the same time inspire me to continue reading. πŸ€—πŸ’ž

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