The simmering discontent

bubbling just under the surface

spews harsh and abrasive words

in a language which is offensive

with singular regularity

anger at short fuse

eyeing every one suspiciously

sinking into a puddle of criticism

leaves one wondering

where is the heart of gold

everyone says is behind the tough exterior.


36 thoughts on “Disagreeable

  1. Some exteriors penetrate deeper than they appear. For some, the exterior is an actual reflection of what is inside and there is no heart of gold. Love this and your constant nailing of prompts.

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  2. where is that heart of gold? that line just stood out for me. misdirected anger and we never tell the truth only makes hurt deeper. we hide behind these weak false facades

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  3. Emotions can be a delicate matter. I know that being domeone who where’s her heart on her sleeve and is easily moved by others emotions, it’s been a journey to better manage my emotions in various situations. Though yesterday I allowed myself to get upset by the way a nurse spoke to me. I was pleasant and respectful at first, but she kept pushing a matter and spoke to me and reprimanded me as though I was a young child and I momentarily spoke harshly and quickly forced myself to breathe and apologize for the way I spoke. However, I respectfully let her know as someone who teaches children, even when they act out, I do not speak to them in such a manner and I would expect the same respect from anyone else.

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  4. Anyway more dear your range of emotions is amazingly displayed here. And as I teach my students, feelings are brit right nor wrong as they just are..it’s what we choose to do with our feelings that truly matters. And even a heart of gold is not perfect and has their limits. It doesn’t make them a bad person or fake. It just means even a gentle and true heart is real and experiences a range of varied emotions just as much as anyone else. πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ’žπŸŒΉ I hope all is well Punam my dear, just in case you are it…here’s an extra big warm hug!πŸ’•

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