The intrepid slayer

The intrepid churner of bad verses

Was up to her wicked ways

With her quill clutched as a sword

She set out to clear the writing world

She was adept at slaying all the naysayers

Those who liked to put down others

Under the garb of giving advice,

Those with evil thoughts sprouting

Behind the fake smiles

One swish of her quaint quill

And all the evil ones turned into quivering masses

Vanquished they lay after reading her verses

Unable to terrorise other writers!

Gina, for you! πŸ˜ƒπŸ€—


46 thoughts on “The intrepid slayer

  1. oh loved your amazing way with words, and that quill as sword! quaint was such a fantastic description, so unasuming, don’t mess with this mighty lady, she defends the honour of pure writers!! marvelous play with words and emotions! loved the closing line – their days are done!!

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      1. you not only made my evening but I feel a deeper kinship, you reach into yourself and create such beauty from the smallest spark. you are really amazing!

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      2. i wish i could have those inspirations, i would sound so much more coherent, mine are usually dust motes and sunlight streaks saying some nonsense. i love your tidy and straightforward language and thought. i tend to twist the truth around fancy words and pray no one sees it! you are quite unique


  2. (Standing) Bravo!!!!! Her paper swords vanquished the evildoers so that the rest of the writing world could write in peace.

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    1. So she has, she is such a sweetheart! If you check the comments of her post…A young writer is born…you will find this one is inspired by our conversation there. Writers surely are heroes, as are you! Thank you so much, dear.

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