They stood amidst a sea of people

Acutely aware of each other’s presence

The garden themed party had a laidback feel

But under each other’s scrutiny they felt electrified

There was explicit emotion in his direct gaze

Her sideways glance indicated her tacit desire

It was as if no one else around existed

And their eyes tangoed with each other’s.


48 thoughts on “Tango

  1. A most beautiful dance of words. It’s true, when eyes meet and begin to tango, no one else in the room exists.

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  2. OMG this takes me back to a childhood crush and how we’d make eye contact across the room and I could feel myself blush, quickly looking away as swarms of butterflies danced in my tummy, my palms grew sweaty, and my heart began to race…mixed feelings running like electric currents coursing through me…excitement that he was looking at me, embarrassment that he caught me looking at him, and curiosity wondering if he liked me too. 😁😘

    Wonderful play of emotions and sensory delights my dear!πŸ€— πŸ’ž

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