25 thoughts on “Original sin

  1. It always seems strange, that since God is supposed to know everything, He must have known that Eve would fall to the temptation of the devil, so this makes a good case for fate, as it was Eve’s destiny to taste the forbidden fruit.

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  2. It’s an interesting comment from Jim. I asked that question myself and some people I worked with once gave me an interesting answer. After all fate completely contradicts the idea of free will!

    They told me to think of a wonderful opera singer who can sing any song and hit any note perfectly. Does having the ability to sing perfectly mean that the singer uses that ability all of the time? Do they walk around night and day singing? No, they choose when it is appropriate to sing.

    So an all powerful Creator who has the ability to see what will happen in the future will not do so unless it is appropriate. He may choose to use that ability or not to. He respects the gift of free will. He gets to know us and has an idea of what we are likely to do based on our habits and decisions, but He will not violate our free will.

    When the Creator created other intelligent creatures he knew that each had the potential to use their free will for good or bad. The tree provided in the Garden of Eden was a chance for Adam and Eve to demonstrate their love and trust in their Creator. He did not give them a long list of rules and laws – they did not need that. But as they continued to live and as the earth’s population was expanded, if any issues/any rules needed, the human family could demonstrate their love and trust in their Father/Creator by turning to Him for judicial matters.

    In showing a lack of love and trust for their Creator and choosing to believe that they were better off ruling themselves, Adam and Eve and their offspring would suffer. Thousands of years later, every kind of human rulership providing evidence that we do need help from our loving Father/Creator.

    Essentially every human will face a decision in the future – choose to be like our human forefather Adam who did not trust his Creator or choose to be like Christ who did fully trust and love his Creator in every way, and has paid the ultimate price to buy back what Adam lost for the human family.

    I might not be explaining it very well, but they made it all crystal clear at the time and I was pretty impressed by the stack of scriptures they showed me.

    I think your haiku is amazing at encapsulating what Adam and Eve did and the cost for their offspring.

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    1. What a lovely and insightful response. All religions believe we are given choices so that we learn to discern between right and wrong. And perhaps by making evil alluring and good boring, our creator tests our intelligence. Adam and Eve were given the free will but were fated for banishment if they chose the fruit.
      Thank you so much. Really appreciate your views.

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