She lay in the cloistered, dingy room
Tired, pale and listless
A hacking cough racked her body
Leaving her breathless

She could feel her end drawing near
But was not ready to depart yet
She wanted to see her daughter one last time
She needed time till next sunset

But the god of death Yama* on his buffalo
With his pet hounds in tow
Stood at the foot of her bed
Beckoning her to go

Her eyes pleaded with him
Begging for a show of mercy
This was not a unique request
So he shook his head tersely

As tears of helplessness slid from her eyes
His soft heart was moved by her plight
“Just one more day, old lady,
I’ll be back tomorrow night!”


32 thoughts on “Deathbed

  1. Have witnessed something similar.This was beautifully written, Punam. I did enjoy that death was patient enough to allow one more day.

    Liked by 2 people

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