Fighting loneliness

Sitting alone

shrouded in


using her wit

and intelligence

she cooks up

fantastical stories

of love and longing

of joys and griefs

seeking company

reaching out to others

but all her efforts

come to a naught

nothing can mitigate

that ache in her heart

nor fill that gaping place

where her soul was.

31 thoughts on “Fighting loneliness

  1. I think one aspect that can lead to loneliness, is when you’re a child and no one seems to understand you, nor takes the time to do so. They may be caring and watchful, but not being understood, at an early age, can make one feel alone.

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  2. You’re welcome. When I started the blog, I only wanted to learn from others and inform them from my experiences. In this, I’ve come to understand there are many who understand the same real concepts.

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