Unlikely Love Story

Yesterday Jim who writes as newepicauthor asked me, “If a bird and fish were to fall in love, could you write a poem about them?

So Jim, here’s one for you.

The long flight had been very tiring

The heron was feeling pretty peckish

The sight of the beautiful garden pond

Brought forth visions of mouth watering fish

It had sighted this pond the previous day

Devouring all that was on offer, its ambition and wish

Majestically it stood in the water

Eyeing all the swimming food, delish

As it waited patiently for a prey to come close

Who do you think swam up to him; a goldfish!

One look and the heron was mesmerised

Forgetting its raging appetite hellish

Watching in fascination and adoration

At the ebullient and fiesty goldfish

The goldfish shimmied close to the herons legs

Giving it a shy smile and looking coquettish

And thus began the unlikely love story

Of the grey heron and his sweet little fish!

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