Life (revisited)

I am the enigma that has you confused,

I am the chimera that has you bemused,

I entice you, I delude you

In your fancies I seduce you.

I am your mentor though you think otherwise

You try your best on your own to rise

You wish me away as you fear my hold,

You shun me at times for you find me bold

You hate me for I fear you not

I fascinate you because I care a bit not

I will lead you the way I want to lead

I may hurt you and make you bleed

You will march readily to my tune

Whether it makes or breaks your fortune

My journey is your own to make

Laden with success or mistake

You have to accompany me as long as I want

But you can’t dictate terms whether you rave or rant

You may make resolutions as is your wont

The unfulfilled ones will always taunt

You can never anticipate what I’ll do next

I sure know how to perplex

All I ask from you, is complete surrender

I promise a ride full of amazing splendour.

24 thoughts on “Life (revisited)

  1. sock it to em … well written and powerful Punam, you have talent … I really don’t get why you haven’t got thousands of followers, have you sent this to Spillwords, please?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Kate! Does it really matter if I don’t have thousands of followers or if I am not published by Spillwords? I have friends like you cheering me on and that is what matters. ❀️

      Liked by 1 person

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