We are peas of the same pod

But are poles apart in everything

So it is no wonder

We are usually arguing

Not only is she a drama queen

She is also bossy and overbearing

Believe me it was not easy

Growing up as her younger sibling

Now we stay miles apart

And only meet at deaths and weddings

It is better this way, for when we are under the same roof

We are always bickering.

41 thoughts on “Sibling

  1. I’ve seen this but fortunately have not experienced it in my family, though I grew up with three older siblings. In fact, I can’t remember once when we ever disagreed. Great use of prompts, as usual.

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  2. Unfortunately, I can somewhat relate to this with my older sister. 😦
    I love her, but our relationship can be rocky. I think things have gotten better as we’ve gotten older, but our personalities still very much clash.
    Well written Punam my dear! πŸ™‚ ❀️

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  3. As the oldest of my siblings, I just want to make it known that the β€œbossing around” was done out of love and concern for your safety and well being! 😁


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