Tokens of affection

Every night I tuck your words

Under my pillow

To feel your presence by my side

To ward off fears and misgivings

To make me feel cared for and warm

To keep me company in the dreamland

And infuse magic in my life

Every morning I caress your words with my eyes

And feel them kiss me back

They stay with me throughout the day

Speaking to me, guiding me

Hugging me and watching me with longing

Till you send a new set of words

To replace them

They keep me company

Till ’tis time for us to meet.


33 thoughts on “Tokens of affection

  1. fold those little word tokens into the corner of your hanky, spray his aftershave and tuck it in your cleavage, carry it with you in your heart. oh I am swooning from the understated passion here my love!!!

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    1. Aw Gina, your delightful, naughty words made me smile broadly!! If only emails could be tied in a hanky! I miss those days of letters arriving by post. Thank you so much dear for brightening my day. 💕

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      1. i am glad your day was brighter, you gave me just as much fun my dear!! i still write and post letters to a few friends, have been for sometime now, i am old fashioned that way.

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  2. This is such a beautiful piece and is now at the top of my favourite Punam poems. Words, we can take anywhere, anytime. Just gorgeous!

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