In my heyday
I was tall and slender
Much coveted and prized
Adored by the young and the old alike
Rapier-sharp, I was feared too
I could make or break a deal
But I was known to be amenable
To corrections and changes
I would capitulate easily
At just a touch
And retrace my steps on gentle pressure
With the passage of time
I have become short and squat
Abandoned and derelict
I still pack a punch in able hands
But people prefer tapping to writing
I am your humble pencil.

64 thoughts on “Autobiography

  1. This was BRILLIANT!! Forget about comparing yourself to fine wine (growing better with age) – I want to be compared to a pencil! As long as I have a point, I am a dangerous word weapon indeed! Love this one so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

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