The decision to leave was not sudden

She had deliberated hard and long

It is not easy to walk out of a relationship

But continuing with it seemed all wrong

She had nurtured it with love, blood and sweat

Giving it all that she could

But he just didn’t seem to care

Whatever she did, was never ever good

Not good enough to meet his exacting standards

Nor was it easy to please his critical nature

The future seemed dismal and full of gloom

This would continue lifelong, she could wager!

Sick and tired of it, she had taken the drastic step

A life sans luxury but one of peace beckoned

She looked back one last time

That she would cross the threshold, even she had not reckoned!

23 thoughts on “Threshold

  1. Yes! The hardest decisions are usually the right ones to make. Powerful words, indeed! I love how you convey the weight of crossing the threshold, it is not a trivial choice to make.

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