24 thoughts on “Upheaval

  1. Oh, I can think of a few populations like this. Seems we are devolving instead of moving forward. History teaches us that the greatest changes are born out of the greatest revolutions. A thought provoking piece, Punam. Well-done!

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      1. Because we are human and are built that way. In some ways, we are like goldfish – very short memories. You are welcome, Punam.

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  2. It’s sad that so much of the population is going about the world not seeing or facing the consequences of things they’re putting out into the world ….even sadder that it takes a major upheaval to wake them up. Wonderful post Punam! πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah, it can be messy!
        But when a nation is smorgasbord of religions
        A shot of love from above
        turns into bones of contentions!
        Common sense becomes uncommon
        and violates established canon!

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