The situation at home was very fluid that day

Their father was away and it was their birthday

He was supposed to return that morning

But the flight got cancelled without any warning

The older one was reconciled to his absence

But the younger one so wanted his presence

He was upset, angry and refused to listen

His innocent eyes with unshed tears did glisten

She was absolutely at her tether’s end

Seeing him so woebegone her heart did rend

The whole day had passed by at a frentic pace

She had had no time to put plan B in place

When the bell rang, she got up wearily

A delivery boy called out cheerily

There was a large oblong box on the floor

She called the kids and stood puzzled at the door

They pushed the heavy box inside

The sender’s name was written on bold outside

She could have cried, so grateful was she

Her son opened the parcel with delighted glee

His father had the foresight to order the bike he had coveted

Finally a major breakdown had been averted.

23 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Love this, so much. Even in absence, one can always give a gift to mitigate the feelings that come with missing someone. I imagine the bicycle was enjoyed to the fullest πŸ™‚

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  2. fiction or real this story really warmed my heart, of a dad that had foresight and love for his family, always thinking of them when away. you make me cry!!!

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      1. oh the sentiment was so tangible, the anxiety and also the relief and most of all love and pride. you have a most amazing family, take good care of them and yourself.

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  3. This was so sweet! In reality, I’m sure it’s birthday scenario that would go on in one’s memories with fondness, despite the dad’s inability to be there, because of his thoughtful gesture that was a delightful surprise. πŸ™‚ πŸ’•

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