She had always been in love with love

So when she eventually met her love

She wanted to shout from the rooftops

And broadcast to the entire world loudly

But he was a private person

Not one to wear his heart on his sleeve

He could not shed his inhibitions

And display his emotions for all to see

But he loved his moonstruck lover

To the moon and back

So the only concession he made was

To hold her hand publicly!


35 thoughts on “Display

  1. I, too, am like he. Love is sacred and not for the world to ogle over, though I do understand, some do enjoy showing it off. I can relate to the subject in this so well. Great work, Punam.

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  2. Awww so sweet! 🙂 My sweetheart is very private as well. When I see older couples (probably my grandmothers age) holding hands, I think it’s the sweetest thing and think to myself how that will be my husband and I someday. ❤❤

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  3. you rock Punam … sounds like it might be a home truth, some like physical displays others prefer to be private … each to our own but you captured that dichotomy so well!

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  4. As my username suggests, I’m a selenophile. I love the moon unabashedly and irrevocably.

    Loved the poem
    But I really loved the lines

    ‘But he loved his moonstruck lover
    To the moon and back’


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    1. Moon does seem to have many lovers:).
      Is it a coincidence that you like what I write because I am named after the moon? 😀
      Thank you so much dear. 💕
      May I suggest something (though I am humbled when you do it)…you don’t have to follow me every time you visit my blog. My posts will appear in your reader automatically if you are following me.


  5. oh by far the sweetest gesture ever! I love the security and safety of a hand holding mine. You can fake a kiss, but not a hug and hand holding, again from the unromantic, jaded me!

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