In this garden

Don’t be dismayed by the disorderliness of this garden

The verses are not planted by type in pretty rows

Some weeds have grown haphazardly

And the ornamental patch is in shambles

They provide relief from too pretty poems

But if you look carefully

You can find some jewels here too

They may look like uncut, unpolished variety

But they are precious nonetheless

I know it is unlike other gardens

But it is quite original in its concept.


38 thoughts on “In this garden

  1. A beautiful extended metaphor and great use of the prompts. Every seed we plant comes from within and no matter how it grows, it is always part of us.

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  2. by chance I am reading a book on gardens mainly about gardens in Asia, an interesting bit was how gardens were created in India as the belief was that the gods came to play in the beautiful gardens. Your poetry is a wildly growing haven for weary souls to come frolic for awhile my dear.

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