What does it take

To quench the flames

That burn so bright

In a heart so young

On the cusp of adulthood

Dreaming always of love!

No amount of reason

Or castigation

Can dull the shine

Of that first flush

Nor deviate them from

The path that leads

To nothing, but heartbreak!

It is easy to parody

Those fledgling feelings

But the young heart

Knows nothing else

And refuses to learn

From someone

Else’s example

Thus preferring

The route of self-destruction!

28 thoughts on “Unquenchable

  1. It is impossible to quench as such love must discover the good and bad all on its own. I remember these days! Well-done, my friend.

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  2. I remember this phase of life and I think it’s a necessary transition in finding ourselves and learning from our mistakes as well as learning that sometimes it’s import to listen to those that have gone before us and have had time to learn and gain wisdom from their own fumbles.🤗❤️😘

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  3. Oh the drama of youth and first (even second and third) love! The lessons are hard to learn until you become the “someone else”. As a parent, I see it coming and know that my hands are tied.

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