Standing the test of time


I have often wrung my hands

As various poems I have scanned.

What exactly is a poem?

Is what I write truly a poem?

Should it have a lyrical cadence

Or a staccato chopping style will hold credence?

Is iambic pentameter the best

Or free verse better than the rest?

Lines that rhyme are a must

Or should words be strung so, just.

What about the meaning it carries,

What if art with activism marries?

Bombastic and fancy words to bamboozle the reader

Or simple words to make it easier.

Should an earth shattering message be couched,

Or an everyday epiphany espoused?

What about prosody and poetic devices?

At the altar of creativity, rules one sacrifices!

Should a poem take a month or years to perfect,

Or a poem or two per day is correct?

What will really engage the reader,

Pandering to trends, will I be considered a ceder?

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28 thoughts on “Standing the test of time

  1. Oh heck, Punam. I have thought all these thoughts too. I have studied the writing of poetry at degree level, and honestly, I truly thought that I could never be a piet as defuned by all these things, yet here I am, writing what I hope is poetry lol. And YOURS is great. By the way, if you still like flea limerucjs I have put some more on my site over the weekend lol. They are not all dead yet. Ha!

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      1. Punam, I have always felt that your command of the English language is amazing. To be able to write poetry in a foreign language is so clever too. I admire you. Yep the fleas are mostly thriving but, like humans, they are not immortal lol.

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      2. Ha ha about the fleas. I mean what I say Lunam. Keep writing lol. Englush is truly not an easy language and is noted to be one of the hardest to learn, from what I understand. Great that you had good teachers.

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      1. exactly and that varies for me from time to time … guess that’s why I like the Carrot Ranch challenges to try out new styles … but poetry and photography will always be my preferences 🙂

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