Peace of Mind

She sat still

Trying to quell her anger

Seething inside

Wanting to strangle

To be made fun of

For something she was not responsible

Cruel act of nature

And humans insensible

Her lack of vision

Never an impediment

Tactile sense

Always her guiding sentient

Finally she got up

Forgiveness may or may not be divine

Forgive she will

For her own peace of mind.

36 thoughts on “Peace of Mind

      1. i read a book a long time ago that taught me an important lesson, to forgive but not forget. that helped me a lot. you have a generous nature Punam, it is evident from your words how your heart works.

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  1. Forgiving is divine and forgetting is above divine. One can forgive but to forget is difficult. However i forgive, i still sometimes cannot forget the haunting past that drives me insane. Well written punam

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