Today I made a bonfire

Of all the stuff I had collected

During the spring cleaning I did

At the beginning of autumn

And now as I bask in the afterglow

Seeing the dying embers

I feel totally cleansed

Of all the negativity and hopelessness

That had plagued me of late

Happiness was on snooze button

Now it has come awake.

You can read my poem about spring cleaning here.

31 thoughts on “Cleansing

  1. this gives me a sense of really deep cleaning and cleansing of body and soul, well done! we all need this once in awhile, it really helps to read your poetry my dear, gently shared wisdom is always so stunning


  2. Yes, burning the accumulation of negativity certainly helps happiness find its rightful place. Well done, my friend and bravo on the use of the prompts.

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  3. Now, first off, I LOVED your Spring Cleaning poem. The primary reason being that I really like those kinds of poems that blend in the mundane with the magic. Now, onto this one: far as a “purge” goes, it doesn’t get any realer than fire. The idea of gathering up those things that were cluttering your life and purging them in a great bonfire (often used in celebrations) is a wonderful idea and it was executed equally wonderfully here.

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