Toxic Love (Revisited)

I am adrift rudderless

In the toxic ocean of your love

Try as much, I can’t swim away

But staying afloat debilitates me

I slide deeper and deeper towards the bottom

The salinity of your attention

Is eroding away my inner compass

I sold my impressionable soul to the devil

So that I could rescue you from you

But your heart is like an atoll

I am unable reach the lagoon

I cannot blame anyone for the commotion in my life

You are my destructive compulsion

I cling to you like a limpet

I live for you, I die with you.

16 thoughts on “Toxic Love (Revisited)

  1. Wow, such a beautiful and intense write. The title and descriptors describe something toxic but the sentiment is pure love (one that is all consuming). Excellent use of prompts, too.

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      1. i agree! you understand me like i you. it is not always based on us personally, its a style we want to explore. i like writing dark poems which i do for instagram, as i don’t need to answer concerned questions when i do on WP! it is just a writing excercise

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  2. Sounds like the cycle of addiction, where one wants to leave and escape the abyss, but instead they keep sinking further and further into the endless loop that consumes them.
    Truly intense and wonderfully bold! 🙂 ❤️

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