Self respect

Lately he been coming home pretty late

His conversations were also monosyllabic and stilted

But his avoidance of any physical contact with her

Was a red flag that she could not ignore any more

She knew he was cheating on her

She made up her mind to confront him

Divorce was unheard of in their family

But the spectre of public spectacle

Would not deter or dissuade her

From restoring her own self respect.

17 thoughts on “Self respect

  1. Good for her… we often worry far to much about what others will have to say to stand up for ourselves. If only more recognized this. Awesome, my friend.

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  2. there should be no shame in attaining self-respect. we live in community, while that is important, the views of others should not deter us from being honest with ourselves, she should be happy, think of all those who don’t have the option of leaving their bad situations – a very thought provoking poem Punam

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