It was a futile search

She’d checked everywhere she could

She just couldn’t find the file

She was usually very fastidious about important documents

Had learnt to be like that the hard way

After he had been snatched away by illness

She had not just lost her soulmate

Her everything was gone

Tired and exasperated she sat down

To mull over the consequences of misplacing the papers

As a last resort she decided to check

The drawer of the old teak cupboard in the storeroom

As she entered the dark room

Musty and dank smell assailed her

She opened the cupboard and her instinct had been right

There in the drawer sat the important file

As she was closing it, a muslin bag fell out

She couldn’t recall what was in it

As she opened it, her breath caught

And tears flowed unchecked

She sat there and gently caressed it

Packed in it carefully was her wedding veil

The lustre still intact after all those years.


28 thoughts on “Search

  1. With each poem you’re like a different person. This is simply great! I don’t know how you keep producing such quality content at such a quick rate!

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