The Storyteller

The fabulist sat comfortably amidst

Adoring, attentive acolytes

He could spin stories skillfully

Dexterous, dazzling and full of delight!

As words flowed unhindered

His mobile face lit with myriad expressions

A fierce glow in his eyes

His hands moving animatedly

Weaving tales of fantasy and love

His heart swelling with emotions!

But when recounting tales

That told of human atrocities

His blood ran cold, his expression granite

For he had lost his only child

To such a dastardly, depraved deed

It filled him with seething rage

And ne’er could he forget the gruesome sight.

22 thoughts on “The Storyteller

  1. Wow, Punam, how you twist an emotion is brilliant. You, dear friend, are a storyteller, for sure, and I love how you’ve weaved these prompts together., though the twist at the end is gut wrenching.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You are kindly welcome, Punam. Yes, I believe you for you typically write that way. It is because you are so deeply connected to the emotions within.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. you had me gripping my seat, thinking about that fierce look in his eyes, i think you made hat word really the pivot point in your poem, it made me sit up and really take notice of what was coming next

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