It takes hold of me all of a sudden

Rains suddenly in short bursts

I know not my true self

When that happens

Or perhaps I feign ignorance!

But who cares!

I am crazy, zany, ditzy

And all that

When madness reigns

I am the ultimate joker

Like a loose cannon

Unleashing the mayhem

Causing havoc with set routines

Turning things upside down

But just when I begin to enjoy

This fun rollercoaster ride

That stupid, sane, sagacious self

Always raises her head

With the raise of an eyebrow

She reins in all the bedlam

And it is back to being

Boring, sane, normal me.

Day 17: Madness reigns


32 thoughts on “Madness

  1. I think we all have a little madness in us at times.😉 Mine is usually when I’m over tired and reach this super giggly silliness that overpowers me and I can’t seem to stop laughing and everything seems hilarious.😆😜❤️

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  2. I’ve always tried my best to escape from those times, without success, as it’s very painful to experience. Maybe I need to stop fighting it and just see what happens? Thanks for food for thought.

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