Prequel to Fairy Tale

She stood in her balcony
Wringing her hands
Her knight had stood her up Again, crashing all her plans.

An emergency meeting by the king
Had taken him away to far off land
She stood desolate and forlorn
No suitor to ask for her hand.

As serendipity would have it
Lost and hungry, a horseman rode in
He was provided food and shelter
She had company for dine in.

Lonesome and heart sore
She revelled in his attention that night
He was kind and sweet
So unlike the dark knight.

He stayed on for a few days
Then sought permission to leave
She was once again heartbroken
Why did fate always deceive!

Seeing her condition broke his heart too
But he had a dark secret
He just couldn’t reveal
How he too wished that never had they met!

How could he ever tell her the truth
He was actually also a hairy troll
And his two divergent personas
Made him a complete whole!

(Read Fairy Tale here)


24 thoughts on “Prequel to Fairy Tale

  1. i love that troll! he can be a right pain some days but it is all part of loving someone whole don’t you agree. matter of fact i prefer the imperfection but loving person rather than outward beauty that’s only skin deep, love how you tell such a grand story, really well written, each stanza like an act in a play

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      1. i did very much, i have lived with shallow outer beauty, so now really appreciate the deep lasting beauty of the heart. you wrote it perfectly

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So beautifully penned. Many have to hide who they are for fear of persecution. I love how you’ve given this troll life and reminded us that we all have different side that make us whole.

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