Fairy Tale

On the ramparts of the medieval castle

Stood the princess alone and waiting

In ruins lay the entire fortress

The balcony was blighted and crumbling

She was in disheveled and crushed clothes

Her hair hardly on fleek

Waiting for her dream man to show up

And sweep her off her feet.

As the moon raced across the skies

She became dejected and disheartened

Wondering if he at all remembered

His rendezvous, so important!

Just before the moon plunged into the sea

He walked out of the forest with a lumbering gait

The hairy troll looked up and winked

She sighed, swooned and bit the bait!

36 thoughts on “Fairy Tale

      1. You are kindly welcome! Pfft… the prompts WISH they could organize themselves so cleverly like you do 🙂

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