I absolved you of the power to torture me

When I realised I could do it much better

You can no longer inflict pain with your words or silence

Your efforts to make me feel culpable for your miseries

Amount to nothing now!

Self- flagellation is such a sweet affliction

I love the festering wounds I carve on my soul

Staying awake in the deep of the night

Repeating my sins like a mantra

I keep the sniveling monster inside me alive

My innards are a cauldron of guilt

Bubbling with torment and suffering

I like being in this mortifying state

There is certainly heroism in masochism.

Day 12: Tortured



47 thoughts on “Tortured

      1. i cannot imagine you the drama queen! i have always been the inconsequential child, partner, person whatever, I can be there and no one sees me, I like it that way. i envied the drama queens, they seemed to know how to garb life and live it!

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      2. No, not in the attention grabbing, limelight craving sense! Lol That’s just not me!
        But in the sense of magnifying my problems and every time trouble knocked, thinking that I am the unluckiest. But snapped out of it pretty soon. But living an inconsequential life has its own benefits. I get to lead my life, my way without attracting undue attention.

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      3. haha! over dramatic princess then! we all need some drama – thats my day dreaming phase, i can get lost in my own thoughts, i love my solitude and guard it fiercely. we are more alike than what i imagined before.

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