Love is…

What is not to love about love. Sometime ago I had written about it, which you can read here. That was essentially about me. Today I have attempted to write more about what I see, here and in the world there.

Love is not always about holding hands

Sometimes it is also about words cupping the heart

Candlelight dinners are not always possible

Sharing meals through pics is also love

His good night can be her good morning

Difference in time zones can’t keep them apart

Love is sharing new age emoticons

As well as some silly, soppy jokes

Love is warmth crocheted in words

And snuggling in each other’s virtual arms

Love is woven in innocuous lines

Which only the loved one’s eyes can read

Love is passionate verses exchanged to and fro

Or tongue tied prose skirting the issue

Love is two souls igniting inspiration

Love is also non consummation of passion

Love is touching each other’s soul with tenderness

Love is helping overcome setback and heartbreak

Love is sharing beautiful songs

Love is crying over shared loss

Love is exhibitionism

Love is shyness

Love is you, me, he, she, them, everyone

High on the cocktail of heady words.

Day 9 : Love


24 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. and I love this and your heart. love is also what he does when he cannot do anything for you, when he listens across the miles with hos heart holding yours, this is a special bond, not many can boast of it. love is igniting inspiration – love that the most. love in a nutshell is making the effort.

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  2. What a truly beautiful expression of love here and there. You’re so right Punam, love speaks its own unique language in each individual relationship. The special connection between two soul is uniquely its own and whether close together or far apart its there in its own special ways.🤗❤️

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