Yesterday is gone

Never to come back

It will stay in the memories

In fragments

Before passing on

Into oblivion

For ever.

Tomorrow is a promise

Which may or may not be fulfilled

Or just may not come

As it has not, for many.

Today stretches in front of me

With endless possibilities

I can do whatever I want to do with it

Fill it with laughter and joy

Cram it with the things I love to do

Write those intended love letters

Sit with your words and wonder

Did you mean this or that

Compose my masterpiece

Give into unbridled passion

Or just sit and stare

As the world whirls by

Yes, I can do all this

Or believe

That I will always have a tomorrow

And while away today

Like so many yesterdays

Yes, I think I’ll do that.

There is always a tomorrow.

21 thoughts on “Today

      1. So, so happy dear to know my words made a difference to you. I can’t remain downcast for too long. The glass is never half empty for me. I keep topping it up. 😁
        Bless you dear and take care. πŸ€—


  1. Such is the nature of past and future. Gladly, we get to enjoy today and maintain hope that we get to enjoy another day. May your glass continue to fill, dear friend.

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  2. I always hope for tomorrow, though I know it’s not necessarily promised to me. However, I live each day day to the fullest I can in that moment.😊

    Absolutely beautiful and captivating poem of the past, present, and future!😊 Thank you Punam such a lovely post!πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

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