Critical Romance (revisited)

(The first line of this poem is critical and the second romantic.)

I curse the day I said yes to you,

Why couldn’t it have been sooner my beau!

Your mom and sis are imports from hell

If hell is here, heaven should be here as well!

I am sick and tired of your defiance

Honey, what would I be without this alliance!

How do you think we will manage with your income meagre

My love, to sacrifice for you I am always eager!

Your hirsute body is akin to an ape

No matter dear, I do admire the body’s shape!

Your beard prickles like a porcupine,

Darling, will you rub your face down my spine?

Your breath reeks of alcohol today

Did you miss me while I was away?

I can go on and on about your shortcomings

Which are overshadowed by your nature so loving

You are the inspiration for this third class verse,

My love for you colours my vision for better or worse!

24 thoughts on “Critical Romance (revisited)

  1. Love the contrast within this. Shortcomings are easily overlooked or accepted when such love exists between two people. I think along the way, we’d miss those quirks were they to disappear. Lovely writing!

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