41 thoughts on “Warmth

      1. its the moments of really connection that hold deeper meaning than pretend romance Deepa -we both understand this now, in for the long haul is important at our time of life

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      2. I always believe …what’s in a name! My name is usually written with a double O but when my father went for my school admission he used a U. Most people still write Poonam instead of Punam, but I am okay with it. Lol
        Don’t talk about dying brain cells, gives me the jitters.

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      3. i think names are special and unique, so i do feel bad but laugh it off when I get confused, it is specially chosen for us when we are born, so it is important. i like the spelling with the u it’s quite uncommon and cool.

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      4. Yes, it is very cool and it always reminds me of dad…and you know too well dads are so special. 😊
        Interestingly, my husband gets upset when it is wrongly spelt. Lol

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